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Aircraft Tie Downs...

Guest OzChris

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Guest OzChris

I would be interested to hear what aircraft tie downs people are using...


I have used quite a few 'aircraft tie downs' in the past - some were easier to use than others, but they all needed a hammer (or other tool) to use, taking up valuable space and weight in an ultralight.


I used one particular tie down on a Jabiru J160 one time, and it came loose over night, with a peg working out! Even though I placed the pegs where the instructions suggested and hit the pegs into solid ground...it just didnt work when put to the test! I consider that DANGEROUS!!


I have found the BEST aircraft tie down system that I have ever used....and it was CHEAP!! It cost me $50, but there is a $40 version as well.


Its called "ScrewIts" - I absolutely swear by them!


I use it on the Thruster - but can use it on any recreational or GA aircraft I fly. They are so portable, come with their own bag and weigh around 1 kilogram - which is great for the Thruster!


If you are an aircraft owner, I highly recommend ScrewIts...


To find out more visit the Site HERE


First tie down system that I actually trust...



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