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False reporting in Australian national daily newspapers

Guest OzChris

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Guest OzChris
RA-Aus members should not be alarmed by the articles written by Paul Bibby appearing in the December 30 issues of The Age (Melbourne) and the Sydney Morning Herald. The report "Light plane deaths up more than 50%" states: "The death of a NSW farmer in a crop-duster crash yesterday brought the number of light plane crash deaths to 36 for the year, up from 23 last year. The figures show that more than half of the deaths involved planes in the category weighing less than 2250 kilograms, including a significant number [website author's emphasis] of ultralights and other recreational aircraft." The statement pertaining to a "significant number" is totally unfounded; if there were 36 deaths in light plane crashes then 34 are certainly not attributable to Recreational Aviation Australia. At 3.00 pm AEST, December 30, 2008 there has been only one fatal accident in an RA-Aus registered aircraft during 2008, though unfortunately both occupants died. There were no accidents where long-term injuries were sustained. Since the AUF/RA-Aus was established in 1983 there has been one other year (1996) where only one fatal accident occurred. So, considering the 145% increase in members since 1996, RA-Aus members have achieved our safest flying year ever.


The remainder of Mr Bibby's article mainly concerns the ambitions of Recreational Aviation Australia. It seems a deliberate attempt at public disinformation, the purpose of which is unknown. You can read the complete article at




A protest from individual members is appropriate. Try [email protected]

Source - RAA Site



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