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Here are some somewhat smoky shots to enjoy:




And here is what's responsible for it all ...




Every time each engine on the Temora Canberra...




is started, one of these is fired off - at a cost of $600.


So before it even gets to consume its JetA1 (and who'd want to foot that bill?) a cool $1200 bucks has been blown.


It might pay to keep that in mind when we have to fork out a few dollars to go through the airshow gate, don't you think?





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Aargh, rub it in - I hovered around for ages at Amberley waiting to get a shot of the Canberra start, only to miss #1 and watch the smoke from #2 dissipate into a haze in the wind :mad:


Having been involved in putting on a couple of airshows, I'll second the comment re "a few dollars", it's an expensive exercise and fraught with risks, the weather for one - geez I used to think aerobatic aircraft burnt diesel to make smoke, that stuff must have gold leaf suspended in it!







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