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Raa - Ppl Conversion

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Hi All,


I am currently an RAA licenced pilot with 120+ hours and on the way to obtaining my nav endorsement.


In the near future I plan to obtain my PPL! I was just wondering if you could help me with whats involved!


I know that I have to do 2 hours IF and 10 hours Nav and 5 hours command nav - but is that all?


Do I need to do a GFPT first or can I just convert straight over to PPL? are there are a minimum number of hours I must do in a VH registered aircraft?


Just some general info would be a great help!


Cheers :)



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Hi Joe,


I'll try and answer for you, but there will be a few holes.


This is what I did in your exact position and I converted from an RA-Aus cert with Nav component to my PPL in 3.5 hours plus the flight test.


- Start studying for your PPL(A) theory exam. W&B, First & last light, time conversions, weather and some human factors in particular. You should not have to do a BAK / GFPT exam and if you don't want to go solo in a GA aircraft before getting your PPL you don't need the GFPT. If the school insists on it, go elsewhere or talk to the ATO or CFI.


- Finish yoru NAV rating in RA-Aus.


- Apply for your ASIC or AVID card


- make sure you log a flight of 180nm+? with a few stops (whatever it is to meet the requirement is in the PPL day VFR syllabus)


- Log instrument time if you can in the RA-Aus registered aircraft. Every time you are dual on the way home or the way out to on a nav, go under the hood. Instrument time does NOT have to be in a GA registered aircract.


- Do a lesson of familiarisation in a GA aircraft, eg a 172, they are easy, especially if after flying a Jabiru or similar around


- Do some flights in CTA in the GA aircraft


- Consider not worring at first about controlled airspace - it's optional, depending on the airport you are operating out of - that will speed up the process considerably


- Get the blessing from your CFI after covering an abbreviated syllabus. For example they will still want to see crosswind landings etc.


- Do the flight test!


It's up to you really and how experienced you are. If you have done the two hours instrument and can perform everything that the instructor asks of you, then you'll be fine. If you can't, then that's a different story. Same goes with the entire syllabus. If you can't pull off a good cross-wind landing or forced landing, then you won't be able to tick that off and it will need re-work. It's a competency based system after all.


I hope this helps....



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Hi avi8tr,


thank you very much for your reply!!!!


It has helped me a lot! - I certainly hope I can do it in as quick as time as you!


Had some exposure to CTA and already and also already have an ASIC so it should be a fairly simple process! :)







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Simple process and well explained above!


I would add that the longer you leave it the more you start to forget things like Precautionary Search and landing, Forced landings etc etc. It maybe that someone who has just finished an RAAus pilot certificate and nav endorsement has an easier time converting than someone who has 500 hours of experience. Not always but just a thought...



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