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Real Costs Of Owning An Ultralight


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Hi all


Its probably a previously asked question, but being new to RAA I have to ask for opinion on the above topic please.


Can anyone offer information on operating an aircraft for example a Jabiru, Gazelle, etc?


Please bear in mind I'm a budget aviator near Perth, WA.







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Guest aviatrix27

G'day and welcome B-D-H,


I'm a GA pilot and owner, so my prices will vary, but there are 2 sets of costs, one set is 'per year', the other is 'per hour'. My personal emotional level to justify ownership over renting is 50 hours per year. Somehow, since owning my plane, I have averaged 63 hours, so I can still "justify" owning.


Per year:


Maintenance (GA has annual/100 hourly mandatory servicing, I am assuming it is the same for RAA, if not, add registration)


Insurance (depends on hull value and amount of public liability cover)




Per hour:




Allowance for replacement engine/prop (if applicable)




Hangar? Pilot costs, eg licence fee, medical fees (if applicable), ASIC fees (if applicable).


In my particular case, I am only allowing $20,000 to replace an engine (something I don't expect to ever have to do, I don't think we will still be flying when our plane's engine reaches 2000 hours and we have already replaced the prop), I have called that $10 per hour since buying the plane back in September 2000. Fuel is 32 x whatever the current price of avgas is per litre.


Annual costs, I count $2000 for maintenance, $2500 for insurance and, because I like easy numbers to play with, $500 for depreciation. Therefore, if we do not fly at all, it costs us $5000 per year to own the plane. If we then fly it, for easy to play with numbers, I add $100 per hour. Therefore, if I fly 50 hours per year, it costs $200 per hour, if I fly 100 it only costs $150 per hour.


Your numbers will vary greatly, depending on the type of aircraft, for starters!


Good luck :)



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Guest just Mal

servicing is every 25 hours. which can be done by yourself. there are 100 and 200 hourly's that are more major in nature.


This is a pdf for the 2200cc (4cyl) engine and includes info on propeller maintenance.




The fuel burn for the Jabiru 170 is 13 litres an hour. The fiberglass just needs a wash, the main gear is laminated fiberglass (170) so costs are good (for an aircraft).



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