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Final Farewell 8x F16 Formation Flyby Kleine Brogel Airbase


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Pure luck (because Volkel was closed, only the C-17) yesterday, we didn't knew this was going to happen.........


14-8-2013: Last flight of 349 Sqn pilot "Coma", flying in FA110, 8x F16 with 2 special tails Kleine Brogel Airbase.


Low pass Wiggling Wings, go arounds, breaks, formation flying and farewell break.


Farewell 8x F-16 Afterburner takeoff wave Kleine Brogel Airbase 2013




Final Farewell 8x F16 formation flyby Kleine Brogel Airbase 2013




2x QRA F-16 Kleine Brogel Airbase 14-8-2013





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