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Hello From Canada!....eh

Martin B

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Hey guys,


I hail from the great white north in Calgary, Canada. I'm 17 years old, an aspiring pilot, and hopefully going to college next year to start an aviation diploma at Confederation College in Thunder Bay, Canada. After that I plan get some flying experience in northern Canada and then I hope to continue my career in Australia as a pilot (if there's a demand for pilots at the time) and hopefully one day fly for Virgin Australia or Qantas (I'd prefer Virgin though :P ). I thought it would be cool to join a forum filled with australian aviators and enthusiasts so I could get to know the australian aviation scene better and converse with people directly involved with it :)







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Guest aviatrix27

G'day Martin


3 years ago I was in your neck of the woods, hubby and I got taken for a fly in our friend's Cirrus. We had breakfast at the aero club then he took us to Red Deer. You'll find all sorts in this forum - wannabe pilots, sim pilots, recreational pilots, sport pilots, private pilots, commercial and probably even airline pilots. The thing we all have in common is a passion for aviation. Welcome!



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