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Hospital Medical Payments

Guest john

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Bill the elderly male pensioner was admitted urgently by his Doctor to the nearby Catholic Private Hospital for urgent surgery.


After his surgery procedure he was taken to the recovery ward . When he awoke from his anaethestic, the nun equipped with a clipboard & several documents came & sat by his beside . She asked him how he felt after his surgery & the details of his health insurance so that the required medical costs could be sent to his health fund for payment.


Bill replied that he had no health insurance as he was a pensioner & couldn't afford these excessive costs.


The nun then asked Bill "Do you have a bank account" & Bill told the nun that there was very little money in his bank account as he lives from fortnight to fortnight on his only source of pension income.


The nun then asked Bill if he had a relative who could assist someway with these medical costs, & Bill told the nun that he only had a spinster sister who was also a nun .


The nun became agitated & announced loudly "Nuns are not spinsters, because all Nuns are married to God".


Bill then told the nun, "Perfect, send the account for these medical costs to my Brother-in-law".016_ecstatic.gif.156a811a440b493b0c2bea54e43be5cc.gif



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