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Greetings from Cairns

Mathew Ker

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It's terrific to join this flying community. I have been interested in flying for many years now. I spent 10 years in the Army and have flown (as pax) in C130, C141, Caribou, Porter, Chinook, Iroquois, and Blackhawk. I have wanted to get my pilot's licence for a long time but had almost given up (not enough time/money/any other excuse). My wife told me to get organised and arrange some lessons so I plan to begin in the next week or two, either flying from Innisfail or on the Tablelands.


My aim is to fly three-axis with sight seeing over the Great Barrier Reef and Tablelands the goal. Longer term I would like to fly to Cape York communities and maybe even venture to southern locations.


I look forward to learning and gaining encouragement from those with more experience than me.


Mathew Ker





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