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Income Tax Query

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Bill Blogs is an Accountant & prepared the Income Tax return for his client Miss Doitall. Some weeks after he had lodged this tax return with the Taxation Dep't, the Tax Dep't rejected this tax return & the Tax Dep't required a Please Explain as follows:


"Upon reviewing your clients current tax return,it is not possible that your clients reported annual salary & income can support the assets & expenses that your client is claiming deductions for being a luxury apartment, Mercedes Benz, business travelling costs etc. Therefore the Tax Dep't require more relevant & better particulars as to how the main source of income is received."


The Accountant passed on the Tax Dep't queries to his client Miss Doitall for a response which she perused & replied to the Accountant as follows:


"Although I didn't specifically state my actual occupation on the Tax return clearly, I am really a Personal Trainer. If the Tax Dep't still want a more detailed & simplified explanation of this occupation, it means I am a Wholesaler who performs horizontal exercises for wealthy male clients when I travel overseas & in this country. I trust this amplification as to how my principal income is received will now satisfy the Tax Dep't. If the Tax Dep't require more documentation to support my occupation, then I can send them images of my actual work procedures, which may show images of some employees in the Tax Dep't". 022_wink.gif.2137519eeebfc3acb3315da062b6b1c1.gif



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