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AMAX Belt Redrive dealer in Oz


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Guest Old_Plane_Nut

No Amax dealer


Been working on a Pietinpol aircamper with this conversion and its a pain in the XXXX. After many hrs chasing the history of the Amax and its dealers it turns out that the owner has retired and sold the rights to Amax to a consortium in Scone who are redisigning it to be more user friendly. I forget the name of the LAME from Scone. Tom someone ( shouldnt be hard to track down ) who is one of the consortium and who provided us with a new rear cam and fitted it for us. Great guy


The secret to adjusting these belts is to make a rear adjusting tool that turns the rear cam ( like a hand held grinder changing wheel tool) and adjust the tension of the belt first. Hold the shaft from turning ( multigrips ) and then adjust the rear cam for te tracking. We couldnt do it any other way.





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