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Anything other than a Jab??


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Hi Everyone,


Is there any aircraft type, other than Jabiru, available for hire, loan, borrow, or barter, in the Sydney basin?


And yes, I do know of the Hughes Lightwing at The Oaks, but I don’t have a tail dragger endorsement, nor is it suited to cross country travel.


All of my flying now is going cross-country with my wife – so decent speed, fuel capacity, and cockpit environment are very important.


To that end, are there any owners, again in the Sydney basin, whom own RAA aircraft, that are open to hiring, loaning, bartering, syndicating their aircraft?


Here’s my problem. I’m finding it incredibly difficult to find RAA aircraft to fly, and nearly 100% of the time they are Jabs – and although I solo’d, and have over 51 hrs, in Jabs (plus more hrs in other aircraft), I really don’t like flying them – with short legs, I’m constantly sliding back and forth in the seat – either trying to stretch to reach the rudder, or trying to reach the throttle between my legs – very un-ergonomic, and quite painful after an hours flight.


I know the solution is to buy my own, but the style I want – control stick between legs, throttle on panel, and adjustable seat, so I can reach the rudder – are $100K plus new, and nearly the same for second hand. Well over my available budget to buy.


I’m even considering going back to the dark side, and finishing off my PPL (just need to do the exam) – because then I could then buy a $40K-$50K Piper or Cessna – and can carry 4 POB. But I’d rather not go down that path, as GA is very expensive when I comes to servicing, 100 hourly’s, and engine/prop replacements.


Do you guys have any suggestions ?



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Hey Terry,


Yep thought about that too. But it has been suggested by those more wise than I that a Gazelle would not be suitable. The primary reason was engine performance at altitude.


My home airfield is YKAT - Katoomba, NSW. Elevation 3280. So all of my inbound and outbound flying will be at that height and higher – we usually have to cruise 6,500 to 7,500 due to the big hills around here, not to mention the severe turbulence and wind shear we get occasionally. Good old tiger country.


It was suggested that a Gazelle would be an unwise choice – especially with 2 POB and full fuel, as would be on a cross-country.


YKAT has already had a recent incident due to poor performing engines at altitude. I don’t want to repeat that – especially with “her indoors” on board.


But like I say, it’s all a learning experience for me too – so bring on the comments guys.





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Guest browng

How about one of these? It's a Rans S7



There is one for sale in the current RAAus magazine, with just 150TT for $55,000. It's aerobatic, has folding wings, a Rotax 912S, and cruises at 95kts. The one for sale is VH registered, but switching it to RAAus is simple. Yes, it will need a tail wheel endorsement, but why be just a pilot when you can be an aviator..;)




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How about a decent cusion behind your back and a simple foot pedal extender. ;) I can remove mine in one minute.regards

Hey BigPete,


Yep tried that too. Even various cusions didn't help - as this just exacebated the problem of trying to reach the throttle between the legs.


So surely there is something out there that will fit me better. As an aside, i've never had a problem with any other aircraft, just the jab. It's just not ergonomic for my frame.





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Guest Fred Bear

Mate, try Ashley at Hoxton Park. He has the Tecnam p96 Golf there. Dave C has done the conversion in half an hr from Jab. I am about to follow. I think $125 hr wet. Excellent speed, comfort and also has BRS (if you need it). That, and Ashley is a nice bloke. Tell him Dave C or Darren sent you. Things up in the air at the moment as to what he will be doing when Hoxton closes next year. Maybe The Gong, maybe somewhere else but still close enough. Hope this helps.



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