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Allegro 2005 vs Allegro 2007


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Has anybody any views, opinions, actual experience, in the either of the two builds of the Allegro?


Comments from both these forums, and elsewhere, are that the 2005 model is "twitchy in the air", "hard to land", "very bumpy in mild or more turbulance".


Is this true?


Also, is there any further comments on the "spin/stall" issue discussed in other threads of this forum?


Can someone add some value here, and provide some insight.





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My only limited experience in the 2005 Allegro (actually 2004 model) was my ab initio training with Snowy Aviation Academy (sounds swish, eh). Yes, it is twitchy and bouncy but I wouldn't think landings were all that difficult. I also found (compared with the CT) the cockpit pretty cramped and the layout of controls a bit awkward. Also, sitting on the fuel tank is not my idea of the best arrangement.


Hope this helps,





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