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Just out of luck

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Guest Rocko

Well, I admit I'm a bit of a fan of the "Air Crash Investigations" shows. Find it interesting how many things that go wrong with airliners also apply to light aircraft.


But, sometimes, you have to shake your head.


Poor bugger pilots. Air Canada 767 aircraft. Runs out of fuel at 26,000 feet. Out of fuel, so no engines. Front gear won't lock down. Can't make it to the main airport, so heads for another smaller airfield he knew from years ago. Coming in too high and fast, so has to massively sideslip a commercial aircraft, in a way he did on gliders years ago. Finally, makes it to this airstrip...only to find it's been turned into a drag racing strip, holding a family day event, with 2 kids on pushbikes in the middle of the "runway".


They hit the runway, front gear collapses, so no steering apart from rudder. Kids decide to run ALONG instead of across the runway, trying to outrun an aircraft sidding down the strip at 250mph! Aircraft turns, and plows into a guard rail installed in the middle of the runway, and finally stops. Noone killed, out of 61 passengers. Few people injured slightly getting down the slides, but thats all.


You'd HAVE to say it's time for a career change, wouldn't you? ;)


Lollipop ladywould be good ;)



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Guest TOSGcentral

The 'Gimli Glider' is now almost a legend in aviation!


I am given to understand there were a string of factors in the refuelling procedures and on-board instrumentation - that much was learnt from (afterwards).


Nothwithstanding that the flight crew had to carry the blame - it was a brilliant example of cool flying expertise from the scenario that crew were faced with and nobody was even injured let alone died!


The crew naturally suffered for it though. They did not lose their jobs but I belive their career path was 'impeded' somewhat.


The only winner out of that one was 'Flight Safety' - without paying the usual terrible learning price.



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Guest Rocko

Yep. Turned out to be their first aircraft with metric KG fuel gauges. It was a conversion error by the refueler, when converting to pounds. Turns out they got 1/2 the fuel they needed.


That wouldn't have been as bad, but due to an onboard electronics problem, the circuit board for the fuel calculation equip was malfunctioning, so they couldn't read the gauges in the cockpit anyway.


Bummer of a day, wot! ;)



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It was good flying. I wonder about some of the sausage factory schools churning out airline cadets. Are they taught how to slip at all these days? I know some schools do teach it, I'm just talking about the airline specific training institutions.



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Lucky it happened during the day in good weather......


Lucky the pilot was game to slip a gliding 767 and knew how.


Lucky they were within gliding distance of a suitable field.


Lucky they were light enough to glide that far.


Lucky they killed no one on the runway that was being used as a gokart track.


Pilot was very skilful and a cool calm and collected type.


Its better to be lucky than skillful! Skill doesn't move that mountain!



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Are they taught how to slip at all these days?

I read somewhere that some of the newer fly by wire heavies can't handle the (rudder?) loads so the software won't let you cross controls. So you can't slip the B even if you have to to save your life. I presume there is some sort of override but I hate to think how long that check list is ...... oops too late :black_eye:





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