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Jabiru Updates

Guest TFC

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Hi All,


I'm getting close to purchasing a new J230, however I was wondering if anyone knows if Jabiru are going to release any new update/improvements to the aircraft in the near future that would be worth waiting for?



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Guest keiran ryan
Check on Engines

I was at Jaba land recently and asked Rod Stiff exactly that question.

He responded that no changes to overall design or engine were planned.


Happy flying



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I would not expect a totally frank reply to that question. I note that he said "no changes to the overall engine design were planned". There might be an "unplanned planning department".


So it is still an internal combustion engine at least until the oil runs out!


I think continuous change and improvements are continuously occurring as illustrated by the changes that I know of that have taken place over roughly the last five years. No doubt there are many more that I am not aware of.


Original Jabiru motor change from 1600 cc to 2200 cc


Oil pumps have had a number of changes of design.


Oil coolers have had a number of changes.


Seat belt anchors have been changed no longer attached to the UC leg mounting bolts.


Door hinges have changed improving cabin sealing.


Rain water leaks into top of door area has been changed


Door closure security has changed.


Carburettors have had at least two models of the same brand for the 2200 cc motor.


Carburettors have had a number of changes of jets for the same engine


Undercarriages legs have at least two variants for the J160


Undercarriage legs have changed for the J230


The propeller bolts and bellville washers and tensions have changed for the 2200 motor and probably the other motors as well


The propeller flange bolts and tensions have changed tensions and sizes.


Flywheel bolt sizes and tensions have changed for the 2200 motor


Flywheel have changed from Aluminium to steel for the 2200 motor


Flywheels now have dowels in them on all motors.


Motors have gone from mechanical tappets to hydraulic tappets.


The hydraulic tappet systems have been modified a number of times since their introduction in roughly the end of 2004.


Time for major engine overhauls has gone from 1,000 to 2,000 hours.


J160 cabins have been reinforced with additional fibreglass strips etc.


UC axles and wheels have been changed on all models.


A number of changes to the hydraulic disk brake system.


Changes to fuel header tank type and location.


A number of changes to the arrangement of the control stick.


Changes to the ventilation controls.


Changes to the cabin heater control unit.


Sumps have been changed.


Cylinder heads and barrels have been changed.


Sloshing liquid for lining the fibreglass fuel tanks has changed.



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