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Interesting intercom using Bluetooth


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Hi all,


I wonder if one of these could be adapted as an intercom for ultralights


LBH Retail


It is an intercom system for motor bikes which uses Bluetooth to communicate and can also communicate to other devices, such as mobile phone, GPS.


If there was an Bluetooth interface for a radio it would be perfect. No wires.


Any thoughts.





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I hear they are already using Bluetooth intercoms in the US, they can be adapted to all the radio's and mobile phones etc. I read this in an article several months ago where they were using it in a Rotary machine?


I don't think it would be far off, seeing it is in-built for mobile phones in motor vehicles.



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I suggested a bluetooth headset for radio/ intercom last year sometime and someone went at me about all the damage it would cause to your brain from the radiation. i don't think it would be any worse than the amount givin off already by the two coils clamped already over your ears. this would be a great idea as i have never liked all the wirering drapped around the cockpit from a portable PTT switch, portable intercom and two headsets. A bluetooth or similar wireless setup would only make housekeeping in the cockpit so much safer. the only con that i can think of is redundency for failure of battery. something like this is long over due considering the amount of high tech gizzmos in the cockpits of a lot of modern aircraft.





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