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One way rentals

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I have just purchased a Thruster (with trailer) which is based in Wollongong. I live in Cairns - you can see I have a bit of a problem! I do have an old ute which I think would just about make it down there and back - but I would rather fly commercial. I am having problems finding anywhere in the Sydney area that would rent me a car with a tow bar that I could drop off in Cairns. Plenty of cars for one way rental - but none with a tow bar. Some commercials with tow bars - but not for one way rentals.


If I could do it this way I am hopeful that I could have the time on the way back and have a lesson or two with Tony Hayes.


Does anyone have any ideas?







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try standbycars.com.au then relocations then motor homes. Or go direct to the likesof appollo, Britz etc .I have use the former a number of times on the Cairns to Sydney corridor and for whatever reason the motor homes had towbars.


Mind you for $1 oer day and a few hundred $$ for fuel you could nearky afford to put a towbar on the relocation car and take it off at destination == most are only 4 bolts and seven wires. other options would be advertise on th elikes of Gumtree etc



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