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VDO Gauges

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I have been designing a new instrument panel for a T500 and am sourcing new gauges. I have today ordered (locally through my son who is a spare parts manager with a Ford dealership) the remaining VDO gauges required - all except the EGT gauge. The VDO 'Cockpit' range don't seem to have an EGT gauge as such but a pyrometer instead which basically does the same job. Problem is the cost which is $289 for the pyrometer kit that comes with the thermocouple to suit and a 5 metre lead. The gauge on its own is $135 so I think its a bit steep to pay $154 for a sender/thermocouple and lead to suit. I think the thermocouple is not the correct one having a 120mm probe to insert into the exhaust pipe so I'm asking here for your input. The engine is a Rotax 582 blue head but has not arrived yet so I don't know what adaptor fittings it has on the exhaust. Do you think it is the correct sender?


So my question(s) is do you think the price of $135 is reasonable for a VDO 'Cockpit' style pyrometer and any info you have on thermocouple,senders would be gratefully received?





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Guest Maj Millard

Pud, Go with either Bert Flood or any other supplier from the RAAus mag. Have you checked with Ian ?. He should be able to source one for you at the right price........................................Maj...024_cool.gif.7a88a3168ebd868f5549631161e2b369.gif



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