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Flight Design CT Operating Manual 2019-05-09

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Flight Design CT-LSA Pilot Operating Handbook CT2K & CTSW LSA Sport Models

What's New in Version 2019-05-09


This download is the Operating Manual for the Flight Design CT2K & CTSW LSA Sport Models.

Every pilot has to understand the limitations and specifications of this light sport aircraft. The Pilot Operating Handbook must be read thoroughly. Please pay attention to the pre-flight and daily checks. Maintenance instructions for the aircraft are given in a separate Maintenance Manual. For maintenance of the Rotax® engine, BRS emergency parachute system, if equipped, and other installed equipment refer to the original manufacturers’ manuals.

Flight Design CT-LSA is being delivered in two configurations CTSW and CT2K (hereafter referred to as the CT-LSA). Both configurations are equipped with noncertified engines that meet ASTM F-2339 engine standard. Flying CT-LSA must always be done with the possibility of a safe landing due to loss of engine power. Unless otherwise specified the data are common for both configurations. Note, where different CT2K data are given in square brackets.

Flight Design CT-LSA is a VFR aircraft only. Because of the high cruising speed and range of the CT-LSA, flight into vastly different weather patterns and meteorological conditions can occur. The entry into bad weather with IFR conditions by VFR pilots and aircraft is extremely dangerous. As the owner or operator of an aircraft you are responsible for the safety of your passenger and yourself. Do not attempt to operate CT-LSA in any manner that would endanger the aircraft, the occupants or persons on the ground.

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