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What's the Difference

Guest Sabre

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Ok...I have read about Maxair Drifters, Drifters, Super Drifters and Fisher Mark I Drifters....is there any main difference to the aircraft other than being manufactured by a different company???????


Signed ,





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Guest Juliette Lima

Hi Sabre,


Like you, I love Drifter flying , mainly for the great vision, lack of confinment in a small space, and the forgiving nature of the type.


There is a contributor to these forums called Migrace who has previousy posted re. the technical and registration differences of the various Drifters and he is much more knowledgable than I am.....Basically, the Maxair was the original drifter in Australia imported from the US. It is a lighter version than the one you are being trained on, and it is a delight to fly.


The certified Drifter, ie.the one you are being trained on (I presume from your earlier posts) has been beefed up to withstand the demands of training and is by far the most common around. Some are powered by Rotax 503, others by Rotax 582 which is a much better propisition for dual flying, or for hotter days or higher altitudes. The company who used to build them has been out of business for some years however there is a new company in Dalby Qld. proposing to re-commence production. A couple of their Drifters are featured n the beautiful RAAus calender this year


The Fisher MK1 is similar to the original Maxair and is supplied in kit form by Wayne Fisher of Spectrum Aviation in Lismore. These can be supplied basic with R503, R582, or fully optioned R912. A lot of these go out to properties.


There ar a number of pics of the 912 in this forum. This is the SuperDrifter you have asked about, a name given by the Americans.


I fly a 'SuperDrifter' and love its climb rate, smoothness, stability and control response. Its a joy!


Hope this helps





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Outstanding...thanks for that information.....that cleared it up for me...and yep love flying the Drifter.....once again thanks for that JL.


I don't suppose anyone knows if there is a cloth patch for drifters or drifter pilots??? (For the flying jacket..lol)





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