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100HP Turbo Diesel for aircraft use


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Hi guys/gals


Have a look what I have found when looking at the Zenith 701 webpage. We will have to wait until half way through Feb 07 before their web page is up and running.


I think diesels have their place in amongst what we all fly today so long as they have a decent power to weight ratio.


Safe flying




Vulcan Aircraft's prototype Raptor 105 turbo diesel engine introduced at the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo (January 2007, in Sebring, Florida). The new engine promises to be competitive to the Rotax 912S in weight and cost, and will feature FADEC control.


Vulcan Aircraft Engines




tel: 813-394-3451



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I happened to see this at Sebring. They have designed, cast, and machined the head. The block is in the works. They hope to have it flying by Sun n Fun this year. Sounds aggressive! It is an inline four banger. It will be common rail and offer it's torque and hp at relatively low RPM, but will have a reduction drive, mostly to cushion the prop from the engine kick. I think that they were talking about compression ratios in the 20/1 area. The foot print will be a match for the 912. I can't wait!!





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