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I’m looking for a radio for a Thruster the catch is I don’t want to install it as my aircraft is a bit historical so adding a fixed radio really wouldn’t suit (and Tony would probably kill me!) So I need a portable radio that I’m able to plug a headset into that will give reasonable transmitting range without and external antenna.


Any ideas?





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Guest TOSGcentral

Adam- I am an absolute barbarian when it comes to radios - swinging in the trees type stuff!


Your best bet would be to go for my standard school system that is using an ICOM hand held in a mounting (suggest the port front A frame tube of the [admin removed obscenity]pit) and wire it in so you can use it 'fixed' and easily take it out for security or other use.


Using a pure hand held will not work very well at all mainly because of AE problems and also being able to hear it. On top of that you have to be able to use it and you will get rather short of hands nd you do not want it to fall out on account of some regulation that says this can only be done with sand and/or water or persons by parachute!


Suggest a wired in system with PTT, headsets and you may as well stick in an intercom box, and drive the whole damn thing by patching into the engine power supply (that is going begging at the moment).


Your comments on keeping the "Ghost" as authentic as possible are laudable and much appreciated. However, bear in mind we did alter her and she now has a very impressive instrument set up that is a long way ahead of the floor mounted ASI and RPM they originally had! A few leads and a discrete aerial down the back will not detract too much and will significantly add to safety!







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Guest Guest

Hi Adam


I Agree with Tony.


We are using a ICOM A22 hand held mounted on the port front A frame tube and it is wired in so we can use it 'fixed' and easily take it out for security or other use. We also have an Intercom that works well with the Radio.



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