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Improved Cooling

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Guest AusDarren

AeroConversions Improves Cooling On AeroVee And Jabiru Engines


Fri, 02 Feb '07


New Baffles Offered As Laser-Cut Installation Kits


Sonex Aircraft, LLC tells ANN it recently introduced two "cool" new AeroConversions products, in the form of improved cooling baffles for AeroVee and Jabiru engine installations. Both baffle systems will be offered as laser-cut installation kits designed for use in Sonex aircraft, yet easily modifiable to aircraft with similar cowl designs.






The systems provide dramatic improvements in cylinder and head cooling due to their increased volume, giving a larger plenum of cooling air and slowing airflow through the cowling. This decreased airflow velocity allows more efficient transfer of heat from engine cooling surfaces to the transient cooling air.


"While our previous cooling baffle designs provided adequate cooling for both the AeroVee (above) and Jabiru engines in all factory tested scenarios, these new systems offer a much wider margin of cooling efficiency and greatly reduce opportunities for unacceptable cooling situations due to installation error," said Sonex General Manager and CEO Jeremy Monnett. "We are continually working to improve our excellent technical support resources and refine product development to make a successful Sonex Aircraft building and flying experience even easier to accomplish by every homebuilder."






The new AeroVee cooling baffle system is a completely new "fence baffle" design, which has been demonstrated to reduce maximum cylinder head temperatures up to 80 degrees on AeroVee powered Sonex Aircraft. The new Jabiru baffles are enlarged versions of the previous AeroConversions "box baffle" design, and have reduced maximum Jabiru 3300 cylinder head temperatures as much as 70 degrees in Sonex flight test aircraft.


Both cooling baffle systems will include laser-cut 6061-T6 aluminum baffle components, along with all rivets, extruded aluminum angle stock and most other items required to achieve a typical installation. The baffles will also ship with a full set of detailed installation instructions.


The AeroVee baffle system is priced at $100, with the Jabiru Baffle systems (shown above and below) priced at $250 for Jabiru 2200/3300 installations. Customers who have previously purchased a Jabiru Baffle Kit from Sonex can purchase an upgrade kit for $100.






Sonex provides a series of Sport Pilot eligible kit aircraft. Its AeroConversions line of products includes the AeroVee engine, AeroCarb and ancillary aviation products. Sonex and AeroConversions product development is committed to providing simple, elegant and low-cost solutions for sport flying.



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