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Vale - Rusty Jenkins

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Most sadly, I have to report the death from cancer of Rusty Jenkins.



Rusty was a stalwart of ultralight flying in SE Q’ld,. He and Jesse, his enthusiastically supportive wife, were well known around the local air strips.



He was a talented designer and produced the most modified Thruster T83 in the country but his major creation was converting a T300 into the ‘Bilby’. Rusty was an enthusiastic TOSG member and the Bilby became TOSG’s developmental flagship. The work done on it will go to the direct benefit of every Thruster owner in the country.



The latest work was/is development of a new front wing spar bracket to reduce the Angle of Incidence. With this fitted every Thruster can be tamed into landing docility at last – for people inexperienced on the type! The Bilby will also spawn Engineering Orders to cover Flapperons and aerodynamic trimmers for both Rudder and Elevators – all of which are working beautifully on the aircraft.



These inclusions will make a Thruster a very low cost and effective all-round basic trainer for schools and the future members of the Movement. That is one helluva contribution to our sport and interests!



But above all Rusty was a dinky-di, true blue Aussie. He was uncompromising in his principles but had a heart of gold and would help anyone with virtually anything.



I, and many others, have lost a dear friend. The Movement has lost a major contributor to it’s on-going success.









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