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Weight Difference


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Just read this, sorry I didn't reply sooner.


It depends on the type of Skyfox that you have. CA21/22 etc. They used different chromoly bendnum (not sure on spelling), plus there were other support structures in place. Then the Nosewheel assembly and housing which adds up quite a bit.


70kg's was not necessarily the difference in weight, but the difference in MTOW, probably as a result of the airframe strength differences.



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That's pushing my memory a little. From memory there was a difference in airframe thickness. As in the CA25-N was/is 4130 Chromoly Bednum and the CA21 was a lighter variant. ( I actually meant to bring the original brochure to work today but I forgot) I'm sure it wouldn't make much difference in the end on weight, perhaps a few kilo's. The CA21 had extra structure in the rear hatch so when you opened it up there was a bar across it diagonally restricting access to the hatch for large items, but I am unaware if there were other support structures in place. I believe the cross-strut (where the lower wing-strut attaches) is also upgraded on the Gazelle. I imagine when the AD came out for the cross-strut upgrade that it would have been too hard to distinguish between the different models as it probably wasn't required on the Gazelle's.


There was a series of Foxes made for Ultralight registration only. I recall one of them was registered UL, then converted over to GA which should have never been able to occur. Later on it was converted back anyway. This was only found out when the aircraft was damaged in an engine-failure incident.


There are lots of others out there that know more about the history of the Foxes than I. Perhaps Carl Nilsson in Tassie and Tony Hayes in Gympie.


I was laughing last night at the original Gazelle brochure. It quotes 85 knots cruise at 70% power at 5,000ft. 800fpm climb rate. It also has some unbelievably unbelievable figures for putting a Skyfox online. It says that you can earn 21% ROI for 300 hours per year! It quotes tyres at 5 cents per hour and fuel at 65 cents per litre.


It also goes on to say how these aircraft are operating successfully in Tropical Rainforest areas and deserts and still going strong, however we all know what happened when they were left out in humid environents!



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Thanks again Brentc


I would love to see a copy of the Gazelle brochure. I am very found of my Gazelle and a copy would go well with my paperwork. If it is possible I would be happy to pay for photocopying etc.







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I haven't got a scanner so I could take a pic and post here for everyone, then I'll bring to work and photo copy for you. PM me your address and I'll send you a copy, no cost.



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