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Channel 7 report of aircraft accident today sydney

Guest ozzie

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I have just seen on channell 7 news 6pm of light aircraft accident western sydney. air to ground footage shows what looks like a Jabiru. it has a broken fuselage just behind cabin. crew of two. minor injuries. broken arm ect. age of one is 30. has happened within last hour. departed Hoxton Park?





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And this from the Seven site




Pilot critical after light plane crash


The pilot of a light plane that crashed in Sydney's west is in a critical condition after emergency crews managed to free him from the aircraft.


The man and his male passenger, both believed to be in their 40s, were injured when the plane came down in a field adjacent to the M7 motorway at Horsley Park at about 4.50pm (AEDT) on Monday.


The pilot was trapped in the cockpit of the crashed plane for almost an hour before rescuers were able to free him.


He is in a critical condition with head and limb injuries and has suspected spinal and neck injuries.


The man was being airlifted by the Westpac Lifesaver Helicopter to Westmead Hospital.


His passenger has already been taken to Liverpool Hospital with head injuries and was in a serious condition.







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From the footage I saw, it wasn't deployed. If they were heading from Camden to Bankstown as someone has posted, they probably wouldn't have been high enough for it to be effectively used anyway. By the time the engine failed (hypothetically) and some problem diagnosis took place there would be little time for the chute to deploy successfully.


I have a fair bit of time in the SR20 and SR22. They are nice machines. The 20 is a little underpowered and has poor payload, but other than that pretty much identical machines. The newer ones with options even have airbags fitted! That one was a 2004 so it wouldn't have had them.



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It would seem to me that there has been a bit of an epidemic of aircraft incidents all of which are very sad to see a fellow pilot injured or worse is not a good thing however in my ignorance I ask myself what's going wrong? Is this a poor maintenance problem? Maybe its a poor pilot training issue or it could be a complacency issue what the problem I believe we owe it to ourselves to do our aircraft checks before we think about flying and if in doubt get it checked by someone else if there is still uncertainty don't fly until it is checked by a suitability qualified person.


This is to complex a problem to just simplify to just one problem however my hope would be that no other aircraft meet the same fate as these to gentleman met. You don't live very long however you are a long time dead.





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