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Hi Kirk,


I'm certainly interested in a syndicate. Wife won't contemplate an aircraft outright but a syndicate might just get through... There are some good posts elsewhere on things to consider when forming a syndicate.


Are you often at Tooradin - I'm there most Sundays at the moment... it would be good to catch up and discuss further. My work email is [email protected]







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Have also read some of the excellent posts about syndicates on this forum; so thought it may be a good idea to have a dedicated syndicate area, as there may be a bit of traffic for people in different areas across this big brown land.


Don't get out to Tooradin much on the weekends as I work week on / week off and therefore only get one weekend of a fortnight so I try to spend most of it with the family, and the kids do lots of sports on the weekend anyway. Would be interested in having a chat though, and will shoot an email to you as well.


Kirk 010_chuffed.gif.c2575b31dcd1e7cce10574d86ccb2d9d.gif



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Guest AusDarren

I have some information that you may find helpful, its a bit big to post here though I can email it to you if you PM me with your email address.


I'm very keen to own my own aircraft, or perhaps just a share..


and its better for the plane to actually fly.. too much time in the hanger is just a waste.


I know one Jabiru owner that flew his aircraft 7 hours in the last 12 months.


a keen owner might do 150 hours..


So a mix of compatible owners can be a better deal for all.


share the fixed costs over a larger base.


I'd be interested in basing an aircraft at anywhere between Bachus Marsh and Tooradin.. and as far north as Kyneton.


of course Penfield or Riddles Ck would be really nice..







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