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Data Sheet on TST


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Guest TOSGcentral

Yup - thanks mate. I know of this one. Wish we had something that comprehensive in Oz!!!


However a bit of caution has to be exercised using it.


1. The initial UK certification was for the Gemini A & B. The Brits had to call it the TST as 'Gemini' was already taken as an aircraft product name.


2. Oz upgraded the Gemini to TST in 1987 and the design data flowed over to UK, reflected by some of the string of modifications listed. I still have to read the mods list detail but it appears potentially incomplete. For example (in Oz at least) a major change was the transfer of boom O.D. from 100mm to 4". Concurrently all of the main boom fitting designs were changed and nothing off the Gemini fits a TST!


3. The mods list does not seem to go far enough to include the up-grade from the TST which was the T300. I think UK regard this as a separate type and I have it on my list to research as there may be some engineering (esp weight) data there that could be useful to us.


4. The GA drawing given is of a standard TST (as Oz knows it) and has substantial differences to their first TST Mk1 (Gemini).


5. The photograph is of an Oz built Gemini X (essentially a Glasshouse with a nose pod and pre ANO 95.25). This particular aircraft was the one demonstrated at the Paris Air Show in 1985. I have reason to believe it remained in UK and is now in Ireland. I am also still researching that.


I will post more on this area as info becomes available, as well as in the TOSG Bulletins.







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