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Rotax 912 100hp Oil consumption

Guest bateo

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G'day again guys,


I have yet another oil related question.. This one is open to all you 912 owners and Tecnam owners.. What is roughly your oil consumption with your 912?? E.g 1 Litre per 20 hours etc..??


your help is appreciated...



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Guest pelorus32

Hi Bateo,


suggest you PM Tristo. They have quite a good record of oil uplifts on 912ULS Rotax engines. It is not zero I know!







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Guest micgrace

Hi All


Just a note about checking oil level on R912. As most may know these are a dry sump engine and the oil will drain away from the oil resorvior so when you check the oil you may find it "low" such is not the case and will result in an overfill. Some suggestions are spin the motor over a few times before checking, easiest and safer from cockpit, rather than manually turning over by hand, with mags off if possible, if not a very short run and stop. Then check the level straight away.




Otherwise overfilling with possible engine damage may result.



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