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Yarrawonga Sport Aviation Weekend 3rd and 4th March, 2007

Guest Ken deVos

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Guest Ken deVos

Hi everyone


Just wondering how many of you people will be going to the Yarrawonga Sport Aviation Weekend.


I've booked a Jab LSA55 from Tooradin to go up on the Saturday and back on Sunday, weather permitting 024_cool.gif.7a88a3168ebd868f5549631161e2b369.gif. My first overnighter and looking forward to it....


Yarrawonga Sport Aviation Weekend






Light Weight Aircraft and Yarrawonga Aerodrome Committee Invite you to attend the













Fly, drive or hitch-hike ... but be there!










Saturday/Sunday, March 3rd and 4th , 2007










Accommodation - from 'under the wing' to Five Star. Bookings essential










Book at Yarrawonga Mulwala Tourist office










1800 062 260 or 03 - 5744 1989











(mention the Sport Aviation Weekend)











Meals, drinks available on airfield precinct. Free CBD transport.










Classic & vintage aircraft, cars, motorcycles & engines. Tractor pull.










Nav. ex's, airframe & engine workshops, pilot shop, fly market,










Model Train expo, etc










Contacts : Lachlan Wishart 03 9499 9337 or Alan Bridges 03 5743 2834









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Looks like we Tooradin students had better book our lessons quickly for that weekend now that we're one a/c down!


Sounds like a fantastic trip Ken. We're you not able to get one of the 160s?


I hope you can find the time to provide us all with a post trip debrief!







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Guest Ken deVos

Hi Lee


Having flown the J160 for the past eleven months or so, I was hoping to book one for this trip and not having to refuel at Yarrawonga. However, when given the option of a definite LSA55, or, only a possible J160, I opted for the former.


Mind you, my BFR was due this week, so up with Eugene in the 160 last Friday, then, some practice in the LSA55 on Saturday to convince myself that I could still land her. Oh boy, I had forgotten how much fun the little LSAs really are - I had a buzz.


Not sure what to expect at Yarrawonga, but hope to take plenty of happy snaps.







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Good luck getting an aircraft from there on Easter Weekend. I think they are all off to Narromine at this stage. The Allegro is probably free and that's about it. Don't know why it didn't get booked first as it's faster than the Jabs and should work out cheaper, plus the ultra reliability of the mighty Rotax 912S! I took the Allegro for a spin recently after a year out of it and I was pleasantly surprised. When you point that thing at the sky it just wants to point straight up and go there. It's a lot of fun and like going from a semi-trailer to a sportscar out of the Jabs which you can probably attribute to an extra 20 horsepower I guess.



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Not exactly, I have 120 horses in my mighty J400. The Allegro is 100 and the Jabs around 83-85. Not all Allegro's are 100 though as they can come with 80. The 912 is a 1.2 litre 80 horsepower and the 912S is a 100 hp 1.4 litre and the 914 is a turbo 912 1.2 litre with 115 horsepower, and 105 continuous. The 2200 Jab is 80-85 hp and the 3300 is 120hp. Easy!


The 230 and 430 have a longer wing, around 5ft, but they get a bumpy ride in comparison and are a bit slower, somewhere around 5-7 knots.



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