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Draft for Discussion, Self Administration for GA on CASA website


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Hi guys,



A Draft for Discussion has appeared on the CASA website for the Regulation, Order, and Instrument to Implement Self Regulation of Private General Aviation.



The power point presentation made to CASA can be viewed at:









  • Slide 11 Drivers Licence Medical for Recreational/LSA
  • Slide12 Highest Licence CPL
  • Slide 13 Flying Training to CPL
  • Slide 14 Aircraft Registration
  • Slide 15 Issue of C of A
  • Slide 18 “unlike CASA GAAO does not require criminal standard of evidenceâ€Â



The Drat for Discussion can be viewed at:








  • SPL , RPL (LSA) aircraft up to 750 kg, RPL, PPL & CPL
  • Private maintenance qualifications AMS3 or LAME
  • Privileges available to “a member of good standing of the GAAO†???



CASA has stated it wants feedback and has created a special email address to allow us to send comments, submissions or questions to CASA.


To have your views considered send an email to:


[email protected]


CASA asks, if you are making a submission please be sure to address these two questions:


  • Can self administration provide equivalent or better safety outcomes for the general aviation sector of the industry than presently apply?
  • If so, what would be the most appropriate model for self administration?


Emails will be acknowledged and, where appropriate, feedback provided.





Clive Johnson



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