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Hi everybody,


It looks as if I will be either starting to fly with a Paraplane or a Trike. I just realised that these two aircrafts can be either registered with HGFA or RA-AUS.


Where is the difference? Does it matter in regards to the licence. Anything I have to consider like areas I am allowed to fly, insurance issues,....







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I wouldn't worry about - most trike schools operate under one or other organisation exclusively so you probably won't have a choice which you need to join. Its much more important to find the school / instructor(s) which suits you best


You can't fly an RAAus trike with an HGFA pilot certificate (nor vice versa I believe) but each organisation "recognises" the qualifications & endorsements from the other so, if you wish to change later, you don't need to redo any training. The syllabus, restrictions and privileges are broadly similar either way.


FWIW there seems to be a feeling amongst trikers that the HGFA uses their fees to subsidise the majority of free flyers and hence is more expensive. There do seem to be an increasing number of HGFA schools moving to (or adding) RAAus accreditation. A quick look at the websites of both organisations will prove or disprove this - I'm not taking sides !


Hope that helps





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