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Tail unit formers for sale


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Guest TOSGcentral

Yes I advertised these in the latest TOSG Bulletin.


Note however they will only fit the TST, T300 & T500. They will be a set of 6 formers - two each for each elevator half and two for the rudder.


I have to make a set up anyway for a customer's T300 and it is easy to put four or five sets through the band saw at the same time.


I cannot give any prices until I have an idea of how much material I will need total - but they will not be costly. They also weigh next to nothing so postage will not be a problem either.


For those of you not familar with what these do - here is a brief explanation.


The Thruster tail unit components are flat, non section, 'slab' frames that are fabric covered.


The section depth of the tailplane & fin is exactly the same as the section depth of the elevators and rudder.


The Leading Edge of the tail unit parts the air and causes airflow separatiom that persists back to the control surfaces.


Control is quite adequate for certification but can be improved!


The formers do this! They are a symmetrical streamline shape with a maximum section the conventional one third of the way back from the front. They are notched front and back to engage the control surface tube frame, are taped into position and then held by the tensioned Dacron skin. They are a legal 95.25 modification.


They work by then having made the control surface a deeper section than the fixed surface so the airflow re-attaches and aerodynamic reaction improves no end! They do not make the aircraft 'twitchy', the effect is akin to fitting a benign form of 'power steering' and the aircraft is far more pleasant to handle - particularly when being used as a trainer.


A side benefit is assisting in re-tensioning old (or poorly made) skins. There can be quite extreme problems from 'luffing' as the aircraft is rotated into the take-off attitude and lifts off. This can be as extreme as feeling that the elevator has mechanically jammed.


It was a bastard of problem to find when I first met it and I pulled an entire T500 control circuit apart twice trying to find a problem that was actually staring me in the face all the time! We live and learn (and hopefully do both).





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