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Rotax 582 rpm gauge

Guest sture.smidt@komtek.no

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I have a problem with my rpm gauge on my Rotax 582 mod. 99. The problem arose between two flights this summer and I have flown 10 h since.


1. At 3000 rpm indicated the rapm on the gauge drops 150 rpm indicated on one magnet and 1000 rpm indicated on the other magnet. The actual rpm drop is close to 150 rpm on both magnets by the ear.


2. On full power and cruise power the rpm indicated is between 500 and 800 lower than before. The plane climb performance and cruise performance is as before so I conclude that the actual rpm is as before.


I have measured the resistance of the ignition system where I could get at it. The resistance of the different spools is as specified in the Rotax repair manual.


Do you have any idea what may be wrong?




Rans S6ES TD w/Rotax 582 mod. 99


The motor has approx 3 years and 90 h since new.



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On my 582 I think by memory that one ignition drops a liitle and the other will drop say about 400rpm, it has always done this in the checks even when I had the ol silver head in it.



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