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Oil Leak 912UL

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I've noticed a small oil leak from the front right (as viewed from the rear) cylinder bolt. It is at the moment just a small droplet of oil that appears on the end of the thread after about an hour of flight. There is definitely no leak after just 30 min so it is definitely a very slow leak at the moment. I have tried re-torquing the nut to 22Nm and it hasn't made any significant difference. Check out the picture from this mornings flight which shows a drop of oil on the second from front top nut and a very thin trail of oil on the cover of the rear cyclinder. This represents 1.8hrs of flight and the engine now has 453hrs. Even after more than 3hrs of flight it is not significantly different to this. Has anyone had this problem before and does anyone know how to stop this? If not, should I even be worried about a leak of this level? Sorry for the quality of the image I'll have to start using a proper camera from now on.







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Guest Maj Millard

Bluey, Not a big deal, you could either ignore it, or pop that nut off and refit it with a suitable sealant, and retorque etc., that should take care of the leak. The parts manual does show a sealant used under that nut, the original sealant has probabily cracked and just needs to be renewed.


I had a similiar leak start on a lower case bolt after changing oils from GPS to Valvolene durablend. The Durablend is fine, and I just give the leak a wipe whenever I have the cowl off for any reason. It's not a biggie really, and doesn't impact on the oil consumption to any degree............................................................................Maj...024_cool.gif.7a88a3168ebd868f5549631161e2b369.gif



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