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Fatal Glider Crash


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Unfortunately, here are the details of another fatal accident.


Once again my sympathy to the family.


Last Update: Monday, February 26, 2007. 8:44am (AEDT)


Police to investigate fatal glider crash


Air crash investigators will today arrive at the Lake Keepit airstrip in north-west New South Wales to piece together how a fatal glider crash happened yesterday.


A 38-year-old Sydney man died in the crash.


Police say the glider was being towed by an aeroplane yesterday shortly after take-off, when the planes were hit by a sudden gust of wind.


Senior Constable Michael Moy from Tamworth Police says the pilot of the towing plane then released the tow line in order to clear a line of trees at the end of the airstrip.


"What we've been told is that there's been a rapid sinking of air so that the tow-plane and the glider haven't been able to achieve the height they wanted to," he said.


He says as the glider fell to the ground, its pilot attempted to bounce it over a barbed wire fence.


"The glider did not bounce and has crashed into the fence," he said.


"The force of the crash has torn the top of the canopy off the glider."


The 38-year-old passenger died at the scene and the glider pilot escaped with minor arm injuries.


Sen Const Moy says the investigators will try and piece together the final movements of both planes.


"They'll be assisting with investigations at the scene of the accidents, they'll be looking at both the aircraft involved and talking to witnesses to the collision," he said.



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