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Hi All


Does anyone know what new J160s are going for these days?


I've seen one on the second hand market for around $70,000 but I thought they were around this new.


Also does the basic J160 come with all that you realistically need for touring or would you have to spend extra $$$ to have a useful machine.


Thanks in advance





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Guest Fred Bear

Think quick... I believe that there's an 8 month wait on a factory built J160, or the builder assist program.


There's a 2 week wait for a kit if you're up for it!


They come pretty much optioned nicely for flying anywhere. You will need to fit your own GPS as they don't do that any more. From memory, the dash comes with a hole for a 196 or 296 and is blanked out ready for you.


I don't think the seats have changed from the last model, so some nice


cushions and a pee bottle is all you need for cross countries. (sorry, but when you get old like me you need to think about these things)



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You will need to fit your own MAPS too (remember those archaic things?) just in case the GPS dies.


But yes, the price of a new plane is as quoted in the RA-Aus magazine.


I am surpised that they are not asking more money than for a new one solely due to availability. Plus if they have added instruments etc, the price should be higher than the new 'base' model (depending on how much engine time they have done obviously, but even then..)





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  • 2 months later...

Hi guys,


I had the pleasure of taking delivery of my new J160 - C on the 30th of June. It is a great aircraft and real value for money. We flew back from Bundaberg to Gawler in SA over 2 days and it was so comfortable and relaxing to fly.


It really sits in the sky nicely. A major improvement over the old LSA's.


The aircraft comes with just about everything you need for the $75000 inc gst price including. Cabin Heat, Electronic Turn co-ordinator, Wheel Spats, etc.


Plenty of baggage room behind the seats (no fuel tank) with a baggage capacity of 36kg (subject to overall weight) which you can have to watch with the 135ltr fuel capacity.


I also had adjustable rudder pedals fitted which are great because there is so much room in the J160 I could not reach the pedals.


You are all correct about the wait time. I ordered mine in November last year !!! Well worth it though.





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Congratulations Glenn,


I picked up my 160 in February this year and have so far managed to put 76 hours on her. (fun, fun fun)


I'm still waiting for my heater, as I believe CASA knocked back part of it during certification process.


So they supplied them without to get them "out the door" so to speak, and its getting bloody cold down here. (Echuca)


I must call again and ask where it is???


regards BigPete



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Ah yes nothing worst than no heater. Thankfully they are now definately shipping with the heater. although we did discover that they had not connected it correctly at the factory and I was only getting engine heat from under the cowling. This was warm enough though on our trip back though Bourke etc.


I am intending to be over your way late October - Meeting up with mates to go out on a house boat for the weekend. Weather permitting.



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