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Just out of interest I installed a G Meter in my Gazelle as I was courious to see what loads the aircraft was subjected to during a normal flight in our summer as some of the thermals we fly through seemed severe.


The results were interesting normal flight with some turbalance +1.4 and -0.8 with just as many negative readings as there were possitive. The largest bump read +1.7 and -0.5 at IAS 65Knt the airspeed increased to 80 Knt as we went through the thermal. It goes to show we should all be carefull during the summer months as the loads on the aeroplane can be quite high in rough air. If I was flying at 80 knt when we went through that thermal the extra 15knt would have put us over VNE and I think the G loading would have increased considerably as well.







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