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A Dirty Weekend

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A dirty weekend.


I was lucky enough to get a long weekend last week and got down to Brisvegas for a bit of fun flying. After a quick ultralight BFR thanks to Kevin Walters and his Drifter I headed out to Watts Bridge to brush of the cobwebs of my poor neglected Thruster. I hadn’t flown it for almost a year but I had dropped through a couple of months earlier and did an annual inspection and some engine runs and with Tony Hayes keeping an eye on her she was still in good shape. The weather gods where kind to me on Saturday and I got a couple of good hours in getting used to her again and just enjoying the back to basics, wind in the hair experience associated with these fantastic little aircraft.


After a few ales with some old friends on Saturday night it was up early for an early morning flight. Some fog was still hanging around as well as some clouds passing through but with plenty of holes and a base above 500’ I was off to make the most of it. I ran into an old friend Sandy who has just completed the test flying on his new Starduster a beautiful little aircraft and he invited me to take her up for a fly, so without hesitation (from me anyway!!) off I went. The old saying rings true with this aircraft, if it looks right it will fly right! After 30 minutes I brought her back down for the landing after a bounce and a go-around I got it right the second time and think I only took about 20 years of both mine and Sandy’s life! Unfortunately I had to dash after that although the rain was starting to set in. All in all a great weekend and I only wish I could get down to fly “real aircraft†more often!


P.S. The Starduster is for Sale MSG me if you want more info.

















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Guest Fred Bear

Adam, awesome story and pics mate. Nothing like the wind in the hair and bugs in the teeth flying mate! Must have been fr fr freezing up there! Glad you had a great time too! Thanks for sharing.:)



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