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Skyfox Brochure

Guest brentc

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Guest brentc

From the factory, this is the original Gazelle brochure, complete with massively inflated cruise figures!


The price is blotted out but it was $87,500 for the base model. The rest of the options are as priced.


Note the cruise and fuel-burn figures!


If you can't read the numbers, they are in the gallery.


This particular aircraft is online at Moorabbin. It had a near total rebuild a couple of years back when the wind flipped it over.







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Guest brentc

They went under somwhere around '97 from memory? I can't remember exactly. My aircraft was a '96 model and there weren't many made afterwards. From what I understand, spiralling costs and lack of sales. One problem I heard that they were having was the cost of re-certification. Every time they made a change they re-certified which costs many thousands of dollars over time if not near a million or so. Unlike Jabiru who built their first aircraft and stuck with it even they knew of all the good changes that could be made, Skyfox stuck continued to improve.


That's one story I heard and quite feasible.


As an example, the J160 is rumoured to have cost up to $1.5m to certify as a type accepted aircraft. This is where the LSA category will help out and bring costs down as re-certification is not required, to an extent.


Last I heard was that the components from the factory were shipped off to the United Aarab Emirates where the owners were based and then I heard that the entire factory tooling is sitting somewhere in Queensland in a number of containers. I never asked more but I assume Tony Kerr at Gympie would probably know.



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