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Proposed safety publication

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Would all RA-Aus pilot certificate holders and others who are interested in flight safety please read the opening post in the 'proposed safety publication' thread of the 'student pilot and training' forum.


Your opinions and suggestions are requested regarding:


The breadth and depth of the content material?


The style of presentation and its readability?


Its understandability [for an experienced aviator rather than a student]?


And does it get the message across to the old and bold?


Please note that the expense of the proposed publication would indicate that it should be something to be retained by the member for future reference i.e. it is not intended to provide a one time shock and then be discarded and forgotten.




John Brandon



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Guest Juliette Lima



Thank you for your PM....60 years of flying! WOW.


John I know you are looking for feedback in relation to he RAAus safety publication and notice that your post SEEMS not to 'get a gernsey' when clicking 'tools' followed by 'new posts'...I could be wrong....perhaps I looked at the wrong time.


By way of some further feedback on your two chapters....I'm afraid I found them tough going in parts....The summaries however, or bold statements were succinct and made the key point.


In respect of "an experienced aviator rather than a student" I am a relative novice with around 500 hours in both gliding and recreational flying, and am not indifferent to the issues of safety and airmanship.


I freely acknowledge that I have a hell of a lot to learn, and safety is a real issue for me......evidenced by my moderate trepidation before each flight (about every two to three weeks)


My point being that the RAAus might consider aiming its proposed safety publication at as broad a membership experience as is possible....there are many like me who are only moderately technical but more interested in the 'hows' of flying rather than some of the more complicated 'whys'.


A case in point.....I've just finished reading 'Takeoffs and Landings'....(and everything in between). This classic written by Leighton Collins and last published in 2005, starts many chapters with a ststistical analysis of accidents (US) in each phase of flying from taxiing to tiedown, and immediately cuts to the chase with the what to do's, and what not to do's..... a really practical read.


Whilst predominantely GA flying, the principles easily translate to even the most basic ultralight flying experience.


I can hear howls of protest from those who really love to know the 'nitty gritty' of numbers and formulas relative to flying.....however I'm equally sure there are many RAAus members who want the safety message in as plain a fashion as is possible.


Once again, I respect your wonderful experience and contribution to the RAAus site, its world class, and I thank you and Paul for this essential project, however for me, the message of safety needs to be relatively simple, but effective.


I hope you get your desired feedback, from members of these forums.


Kind Regards





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