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ERSA on palmpilot

Guest Rocko

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Guest Rocko

Heys all,


This may have been discussed before, but I didn't see any link, so I'll go ahead and ask anyways.


Now, everything I propose is purely hypothetical. I am neither proposing this should be done, that I have done it, or that things that were done, weren't actually done, until they were quite well done!


Now, I've looked around to find a complete copy of ERSA online. Couldn't find it. However, I DID find their web page, with links to all the associated ERSA data.


Say, as a hypothetical possibility, you could use certain programs to copy the entire web page to a Windows-based PDA, including all the relevant links. This would give you a copy of ERSA complete, on your PDA, to take flying with you.


Hypothetically, of course. I wouldn't do such a thing, ever, no siree!


However, doing such an abominable thing would provide a pilot with an updated, complete copy of ERSA, immediately accessible electronically. It would be complete, in it's entirety. Easily scanned to find the airport you wanted, with the exact same info provided in the hardcopy. PDA's are pretty reliable nowadays, and it's not that likely that it would die at a critical moment, particularly if used as a backup to the original itself.


Can't be any more inconvenient, or impractical, than carrying a copy of the full brick around with you in a VERY space-limited ultralight/rec aircraft.


Put the idea on the table, for discussion.


Hypothetically, of course.





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