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The next Bulletin will be produced this coming weekend and should be in member’s mail boxes immediately after Easter. Remember that you will not be getting it unless you have renewed your subscription for the coming year!



This is shaping up to be a good issue with lots of photos. Here are some highlights.



A ‘How To Do It’ article on replacing torque tube main bushes; Aileron Rigging and what it is about; A UK article on TST boom cracking; Current up-date on the new reduced Angle of Incidence front spar mounting bracket: Another ‘How To Do It’, with hard data, on the use of Armor-All for drag reduction on Dacron; Octane and Cetane explained in plain language; A detailed look at new retrofit options TOSG will certify over the coming 12 months; Wheel Spats – yes or no?; A BMW four stroke powered T500 getting closer; Sidewinder trolleys and hangaring tips; market price trends; and lots more!



TOSG membership is, incidentally, open to non-Thruster owners and we have a few of those. Subscription is $30 p.a. for four issues. Each Bulletin is a minimum of 22 pages (usually a lot more) plus an equal amount of photos/diagrams. Back issues are also available. We are non profit and do these things on a break even basis in the interests of both Thruster owners and flight safety generally.









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