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Aviation Event at Parliament House in Canberra


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There is a presentation entitled the "2011 Aviation Outlook" at Parliament House next week, put on by the Australian Aviation Associations' Forum. A lot of politicians and big wigs will be there. From what I can see, most of the major aviation organisations in Australia are involved, except for RAAus. Is there some background to why RAAus is not involved? It seems a pity that we wont be able to use this opportunity to spruik rec aviation.


I want to be careful not to criticise anyone, because there may be a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why RAAus is not involved in this particular forum.


Any thoughts?



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I'm working in CBR PH part of next week, can anyone drop in? Do you know which day?

It's on Tuesday, as for who can attend, I dont know. I have no involvement with the organising of the event, I just saw the invitation that was sent to our office.



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