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Anyone looking for an A503 WB Drifter?


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I have a Wire Braced 503 Austflight Drifter for sale. A complete package ready to get in and fly away. It's located in Moruya, NSW.


  • Current RA-Aus registration (25 - 185)
  • Approx 1200 hours Total Time
  • Aircraft had a major overhaul about 2 years ago after it had been sitting in a hanger unused for some 6 years. The aircraft has done about 70 hours flying since the overhaul.
  • About 350 hours on a single carb 503, 70 since very experienced Level 2 overhaul (new top end including cylinders, pistons and rings; bottom end measurements in spec at time of overhaul). The engine was only pulled down due it sitting unused and it runs pefectly. It's one of the later model 503s with the stronger crank, that's why we decided to rebuild it and not replace it.
  • Brolga 3 Blade Prop
  • New Fisher skins fitted (yellow and green)
  • New Flying/Landing/Tail Bracing Wires fitted
  • New tyres
  • Most A/N hardware was replaced during the overhaul
  • All A/Ds are current (including the reinforced Tail Boom mod which was fitted by Austflight)
  • A number of spares are included (rear seat intruments, landing gear legs, odds and ends)
  • Delcom VHF radio and Comtronics intercom included
  • 2 x flying helmets
  • Aircraft has always been hangared
  • Full flight and maintenance history (the aircraft was used in a flying school/ club which operated just outside of Canberra during the late eighties and early nineties, we purchased the aircraft in a syndicate in the early nineties and it has been located in Moruya since, one of the current owners (there are two) has been around the aircraft since it was new).
  • Registered Austflight built Drifter trailer may be included in the sale
  • $16,000 ONO



We are only selling this aircraft as we have purchased another one(which the wife seems to consider more appropriate than the trusty Drifter for growing children) and we cant fit two aircraft in one hangar space. It's an absolute delight to fly and will be sad to see her go.


NOTE: The hours quoted above are approximate - I do not have the logbooks handy to confirm. I will check the logbooks on the weekend and update this post with actual hours.


PM me if youre interested.



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Still for sale = PRICE DROP - $12,500. Check classifieds section for up to date ad (this one isnt entirely accurate). Call on 0438 002 775 for details.



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Still for sale = PRICE DROP - $12,500. Check classifieds section for up to date ad (this one isnt entirely accurate). Call on 0438 002 775 for details.

Hi Harv,


Have you some photos...


I need a learner plane and I ain't got stacks if cash!!!


But, I'll sell the boat to learn to fly.







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