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PPL question


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Ok, now i am at a cross road in life(damn that sounds dramatic dont it) but i have been presented with the opertunity to fly a 182 for the guy i am working for now, and the best bit is he gonna pay for it(maybe) so my question is, is there any recommendations for instructors/companies in the townsville area?


Either for, or even better against any company for eg. how ever it is probably better for any really cranky against to be in private, which i dont mind and i will keep it that way.


Just done some ringing around a couple of places and the prices are poles apart, i know you wont know for sure until i start, if i do, but damn i would have thought it would have been much tighter than it seems. Gonna suck being the one on the recieving end again, both flying and tests :)


Thanks for any help.



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Hey Bones!


Sounds like a plan... Using a school aircraft you're looking at around the $210 hour hire of the aircraft rate (roughly) and another $80-115 instructor rate on top of that. Can't recommend any schools in the Townsville area, but that's around the rate I was paying. If you can wrangle your mates 182 and use that, which I'm sure he'll hire at mates rates to you, and then you just need to hire an instructor. That's another way around it.


Unfortunately it's all expensive, but once you're there, it's a lot of fun, and there are lots of opportunities if you hang with the right bunch.


Don't forget you'll need a Medical, an ASIC card (If you don't already)



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