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Longest Day Fly/Ride 2011 - The ultimate fly -in


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To all the adventurers out there, I am in the throws of planning for this years longest day fly/ride which is to take place on the 21st of December 2011. This event has been running for a few years now and started with adventure motorcycle riders leaving the respective locations in Qld, NSW & Victoria at first light according to their listed first light times and riding west to Cameron Corner at the NSW, Qld and SA border. This is an extreme ride for those taking part and taxing on the rider and machine. I rode it once and had a ball as anyone traveling to the corner will tell you, the countryside is amazing and with the recent wet, it should be nothing short of breathtaking.


In 2010 I decided to fly it and departed Cunnamulla (I know, not too far from the corner) and arrived in time to set up with a cold drink and watch the riders arriving from all over the place. The managers at the roadhouse put on a great meal and the stories that went around the table are something you can only experience in the real outback. The riders come from all walks of life including doctors, lawyers, tradies and even adventure bike journailsts make the journey. I spoke with Fenn about arranging some other flyers because somehow my prize for longest trip by air, given I was the only aircraft, felt a bit hollow. I still accepted the prize though.


Its a long haul and depending on where you are coming from, you will come across some of the most amazing channel country in Australia. The plan is to head off at first light from wherever you are and head west/north/south etc to the corner on the 21st, and return home on the 22nd unless you want to keep going somewhere else. Fenn at the corner was going to make a perpetual trophy out of something laying around the roadhouse and I don't see why the flyers can't challenge the riders and throw some money into the roof in support of the Flying Doctors (see picture below explaining this).


I will be posting a few updates on fuel availability, accommodation, strip condition, other flyers joining in (of which there are a number of aircraft already) and hopefully also posting my progress live via a tracker so the earthbound or adventurely challenged amongst us can follow along.


It will be hot, could be bumpy, ok it will be bumpy, it's a long way and it's remote. The strip is interesting but nothing beyond most flyers. I'll even ask Fenn to cut down the tree at the threshold...


If you're keen to meet some great people, share in the adventures of everyone's journey and perhaps partial to a cold drink of which I heard they have ice cold beer, then head on out.


Post here if you're keen to take part and also if you are willing to take someone with you to share the flying, fun times etc.



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This sounds good Relfy, what's your plans at this stage? You'll obviously be flying your J120? Depending on a lot of things, but if I took a GA aircraft I could take a few passengers I'm sure...


I'll put a motion to the family and see if I'm able to be free for a couple days from the 21st!



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