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Mercedes Benz Smart 80hp

Guest Decca

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Guest Decca

Pelican Sport/Pelican Club GS Aircraft:




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Remarks: Pelican 450S


Klaus Diegelmann


[email protected]


Kuenzell, Germany




Mercedes Smart M160/1




Kit No 774,completed as taildragger, used for glider-towing in our club at Wasserkuppe, Warp-drive 3blade prop, engine Mercedes M160/1 modified by ecofly, turbocharged, fuel-injection, intercooler, catalytic converter, double ignition, ... ex "smart" roadster, 82hp with superb torque! Runs at 4900rpm with 185km/h, less fuel cons. than 912S, much cheaper maintenance costs! The future engine!


Sorry folks this is a bit ham fisted. Am interested if anyone knows anything about the above MB "smart" engine, also mentioned in a feature article of RAAus mag last month (P24). Short of contacting the importer/dealer the 4str engine uses 8lph for its 80hp compared to 11 lph for a 4str Rotax 912 80hp & 16lph for a 2str Rotax 582 65hp. Maybe it is the future engine!



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Guest Decca

Thanks for that Don, very interesting as it's turbo diesel, but very different to the Merc Benz turbo four stroke, so it has to be petrol. The all alloy eco motors engine has had a rapid development they claim & if they can produce it at a competitive price then it could be a world beater!





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