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Rubber Bungies


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During the DI on the weekend I noticed the starbord side bungee on my Gazelle had a small tear on the top which measured 10 mm. Being concerned I rang Gympie Aircraft Maintance for advice and was advised to replace the items. Gentleman look after your undercarriage the replacement exchange bungies have cost me $1400 and puts a big hole in my flying money:crying: :;)1:



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Guest danda

I have seen the Gazelle advertised with no bungees is there another alternative?


A question asked in total ignorance haveing never even seen one however at $1400 I would be looking for a better aternative.





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Hi Danda


I am not aware of any alternative the Gazelle is certified so I don't think you can use anything else. But when you see the small amount of rubber used it makes $1400 seem very very expensive



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Guest yarraroo2

there is about 1.5 meters of 12mm bungee cord available from sailing shops and costs about $10. If you need certified part you can get a lame to make them up, It is a very common aircraft component in many aircraft. I made up my own.



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