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Aust Flying "Home Building" Article

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Hi gang,


Paul Phelan, editorial writer for Australian Flying has posted the following elsewhere on this forum. Here's your chance to contribute to a popular and credible publication, and maybe get some more publicity for this forum site we all love to visit ;).




Paul Phelan wrote ...


Hi folks, being new to this forum I may or may not be filing this in the wrong place.


I'm an aviation writer who's also done a lot of commercial GA and regional airline flying. At the moment I'm preparing a feature for Australian Flying on what home building an aeroplane is all about, and would welcome hearing from anyone who is currently involved in such a project, whom I can quote as an example.


It will cover: Kit planes: the various options to build your own aircraft;build options – from plans and raw materials to bolt-together kits; How much do they cost?How easy/complicated does it need to be?How long does it take? What tooling and expertise you need? Regulatory issues; And everything else you need to know to get started and eventually get airborne.


An e-mail to [email protected] with your phone number would bring a prompt phone response. I already have lots of notes but it would help to refer to some current projects that people are actually working on. However I need to file the copy this week.



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